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Our raw, certified organic cold pressed juices are a perfect daily addition to a well rounded nutrient rich diet. With 3-6 lbs of fruits and vegetable pressed to create every bottle, our juices can help fuel and nourish your body with live enzymes, alkalizing minerals and an abundance of antioxidants.

A selection of our juices are available in store and do not need to be pre-ordered.

To guarantee yourself a  juice cleanse however we do recommend preordering.
They can be ordered and paid for here: Check Them Out!

About our juices:

  • All of our juices are 100% organic with no water added
  • They are cold pressed, made and bottled in-store
  • Our current juicing schedule is every Tuesday and Friday morning
  • We rotate juices each juicing period, with the only constant juice being Alkalize

Each bottle is 473 ml | 16 fl.oz.
*Certified Organic

What you'll find in-store:

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Benefits: **Thyroid Safe

**This is the Ultimate Green Juice and the best choice while on a juice cleanse.  Alkalize, will flood your body with alkaline minerals which in turn will help curb cravings for sweats, carbs and other addictions.  The parsley and Dandelion  help purify the blood and provide copious amounts of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin K! This chlorophyll rich juice also deodorizes the body from the inside out!



Cucumber*, Celery*, Dandelion*, Parsley*, Romaine*




**Cellular repair was formulated for exactly that! This anti-oxidant and vitamin rich juice is a powerhouse of protection!  The addition of Sea buckthorn also adds to its profile by providing an abundance of omega oils including 3,6,9 and the rare 7.  Sea buckthorn has been used historically to heal skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, including radiation damage and inflammation.



Orange*, Carrot*, Lemon*, Seabuckthorn*



Benefits: **Cleanse & Clarify

**This juice was created to support vitality, beauty and the mind!  This slightly astringent and silica rich juice helps promote clear skin, eyes, strong nails and healthy joints.  Schizandra berry is revered in China for its youth preserving and rejuvenating effects because of its liver detoxifying  properties and its ability to create balance and harmony in the body.



Cucumber*, Orange*, Grapefruit*, Lemon*, Schisandra*



Benefits: **Flush Heavy Metals

**Another great post-work out recovery drink due to the high amount of sodium in the celery juice which helps re-hydrate the cells and balance electrolytes. This semi-sweet juice also contains the fresh, lemony herb cilantro which is used to help detoxify the body of heavy metals and in conjunction with celery helps promote healthy kidney function and the breaking up and elimination of kidney and gall bladder stones.  It is also used to prevent Urinary tract infections and will help improve constipation.  Cilantro has also been used to relieve anxiety and improve sleep.


Celery*, Apple*, Cilantro*, Lemon*



Benefits: **Mental Clarity

**Focus was thoughtfully crafted to promote mental wellness including mood, memory, concentration and acuity.  The E3Live balances nicely with the nervous system calming and digestion enhancing effects of mint; creating a light but energizing, semi-sweet juice.



Cucumber*, Apple*, Lemon*, Mint*, E3Live*


Fortify JuiceFORTIFY

Benefits: **Rebuild & Sustain

**Fortify is a great choice before any work out! Beets not only purify the blood, replenish iron and lower blood pressure, they can also increase stamina and endurance!  This betaine rich juice also helps protect your cells from environmental stress and combined with ginger will increase circulation and decrease inflammation. 



Carrot*, Apple*, Beet*, Lemon*, Ginger*


Guadian JuiceGUARDIAN

Benefits: **Inflammation & Cell protection

**This is the ultimate anti-inflammatory juice. 




Carrot*, Apple*, Sweet Potato*, Ginger*, Turmeric*, Cinnamon*



Benefits: Iron, Silica, Vitamin K

**Again, simple but powerful.  Spinach is a well known blood builder because of its high iron content, folic acid and protein.  When combined with silica rich cucumber juice we create a perfect foundation for rejuvenation of healthy cells, connective tissue, strong hair, nails and beautiful skin. 



Apple*, Lemon*, Cucumber*, Spinach*


Protect JuicePROTECT

Benefits: **Guard & Heal

**Protect contains a powerful punch of vitamin C with the anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits of lemon and lemongrass. This heart-healthy juice helps break down calcium deposits and can reduce inflammation and soothe joint and muscle pain.

*Caution, some pharmaceutical drugs may become more potent when consuming large amounts of grapefruit juice.


Orange*, Grapefruit*, Lemon*, Lemongrass*


Vigor JuiceVIGOR

Benefits: **Replenish & Restore

**This is our favorite post-workout juice!  It will help restore electrolytes , reduce inflammation, aid digestion, calm the nervous system and re-build  strong, healthy cells with one of the most dense protein sources on the planet.  Spirulina is a 65% protein by weight and because it is so easy to digest makes it perfect for after a work-out.  High in vitamin K, B's, Iron, antioxidants and so much more!



Cucumber*, Celery*, Apple*, Lemon*, Ginger*, Spirulina



Benefits: **Nourish & Refresh

**Simple, powerful and delicious.  One of our tastiest juices for sure.  An orange juice base packs a punch of Vit C while the kale supercharges it with anti-oxidants, chlorophyll and alkaline minerals.  Kale (being in the brassica family) is loaded with cancer preventing substances. Fresh lemon juice is added to help negate the thyroid suppressant properties of raw kale and also to detoxify the body and fight free radicals.



Orange*, Kale*, Lemon*


** These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease.

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