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Why I hate tetrapack milks, How to make a simple nut mylk

Posted on Friday, May 03, 2019
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Making nut mylk is simple, quick and so much more nutritious then the pre-made, store bought, dairy alternatives. We encourage our customers to start making them at home and avoid all the additives, preservatives, synthetic vitamins and products that are devoid of nutrition.

Making mylk is a perfect job for kids.  To cut the cost down a bit, we usually cut our nuts half and half with shredded coconut.  Some of our favorite combinations are:
Coconut Brazil Nut
Coconut Hazelnut
Almond Hemp
Sesame coconut (usually with chai spices)

The general ratio for a nut mylk is 1 cup Nuts to 4 cups Water.
(If you were making a coconut brazil nut mylk, you would use ¼c Brazil nuts and ¼ c shredded coconut.)

To make the nuts more digestible, we recommend soaking them for approx. 4 hrs first.

Place 1 c of nuts in a blender with 1 c of water and blend until creamy and smooth.  Then add the remaining 3 cups of water and blend thoroughly.  Then pour through a nut mylk bag to strain out the fiber, leaving a smooth, delicious tasting mylk.  (save the fiber to use as “flour” for cookies and baking.)
I will always add a pinch of salt to bring out the flavors.  If you would like it a bit sweeter you can blend in a date and a pinch of vanilla or a dash of cinnamon.

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