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How it all started...

One sick little boy and a mom's desire (Rebekah) to change it, is really where it all started. What it lead to was the most unexpected, incredible, life-changing journey!


It all comes down to food!

After much research and a sincere belief that "You are what you eat", we began to transition our family to a mainly plant-based Raw Food Diet to heal chronic digestion problems.  The results have been overwhelmingly positive  physically, mentally and spiritually. Not only were we able to heal ourselves of many issues, we learned so much along the way!

Despite what others might say, you really are in control of you own health!

With our new found and continually growing knowledge it became very important to have fresh, organic, non-irradiated food. This proved tough to find!

Frequent trips to Calgary or Edmonton, or driving to 3 or 4 stores around Red Deer were quickly eating up our resources so we began looking for a way to change that.

With 8 families and the basement of our duplex, we started buying and sorting bulk organic produce orders once a week. We had finally found a way to get all of our food in one place at one time.

Family photo

Through word of mouth we steadily grew, and soon the basement could no longer contain our little co-op. So  the co-op moved into, and completely took over our new garage and quickly became a family business.

Again through word of mouth we soon grew out of the garage, and into our first store front in the Cronquist Business park.  Bay #12 served us well for 9 years as we continued to add services, products and eventually decided to make the leap and become a full time Produce Market.

In June of 2016 we opened at our newest and current location at #110 5589, 47th Street in Red Deer.  We Love our new shop by the river and it gives us the opportunity to teach more classes, phase in an Organic Cafe and expand our Elixir Bar!  We are so grateful for our community and for the ability that we have to learn from each other.

Rebekah and Jeff

We only carry products that we believe promote health and wellness!
Our goal is to provide you with the best nourishment possible; to teach you how to use it and empower you on your own journey to health!


We are so grateful for the opportunity we have to bring amazing food to others, to share what we have learned, and to be contributing to a more sustainable way of life!

Rebekah and Jeff McDonald

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