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Eating for your Cycle - Learn how to eat to reduce PMS, Period Pain Relief & Balance Hormones

with womens health coach Madeline MacKinnon

Oct 04, 2019, 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm

Are you looking for a natural approach to nutrition that's designed specifically for the female body?

Are you bogged down by cramping pain or have you been diagnosed with a more serious condition like endometriosis? If you suspect hormones are the cause, this class is a perfect fit for you.

In fact, nutrition has a significant impact on your menstrual cycle. Madeline MacKinnon, nutrition consultant, will teach you how to customize your meals for the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle to help you with a variety of health issues such as:

*Reduce or eliminate PMS and painful cramping

*Prevent ovarian cysts and fibroids

*Support your body to tackle endometriosis and PCOS

*Detox from the pill or other hormonal contraceptives

*Optimize fertility

*Clear up hormonal acne

*Prevent cravings

*Regulate moods and boost energy

This class will explore the benefits of a deeper connection to your female body as a form of disease prevention and sexual empowerment.

Madeline will sample some delicious dishes to demonstrate the concepts of E4YC. You'll get a taste of what hormone balancing food is like and go home with the recipes to try out yourself.

Spread the word by inviting the important women in your life to get a fundamental education on how to care for the female body!


“I use E4YC principles everyday! I've never felt more balanced and in tune with my cycle. E4YC has brought me so many benefits, and I refer back to it often! I feel less overwhelmed by PMS when I eat the right foods to detox estrogen. My skin stays clear and my cramps aren't as bad as they were! Sometimes I don't know my period is coming now : ) It's exciting to understand how my hormones change and how my food affects them. I love supporting my good mood in my follicular phase with food now. I feel emotionally balanced all cycle!” - Chelsea Benjamin


Register now to learn how to customize your nutrition to balance hormones, optimize fertility and for menstrual health!

About Madeline MacKinnon

Founder, Nutrition Consultant & Women’s Health Coach

I was driven to help women with really terrible periods because of my personal struggle with wacky hormones and thyroid issues. At one point, my health stood in the way of me living the life I wanted. I see the same thing happen to women with painful periods every single month and so I became passionate about helping women get true, lasting relief from period pain with natural methods. 

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